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Relationships Relevance and Rigour

Conference 2016

Collaborative teaching and learning environments (MLE's?) 

what's it all about? - Neill O'Reilly

Professional Learning and Networking Session with School Leaders Network.

Neill will present some emerging findings from his research including:
  • Why are we designing schools the way we are and putting holes in walls?
  • Are we co-teaching, team teaching or something else?
  • What are MLP's?
  • Is it a MLE, ILE, ILS, FLS.... or what?
  • Isn't this just open plan schools again and didn't they fail?
and a few other insights about the risks and opportunities as we head into 2016. 
If your school is currently transitioning to collaborative practice or thinking about 'why' you will want to hear what Neill's research is saying.

About Neill:
Neill is the Principal of Waitākiri School (merger of Burwood and Windsor). He has been a Principal since 2002 beginning as a teaching Principal at North Loburn School. Neill has since led Clarkville and Windsor Schools. Together with his team Neill has been on an epic journey of change and challenge as the schools merged then went dual site with 800 children, then paradigm shift to collaborative teaching and then a new school! 
Neill speaks nationally on a range of topics the latest being collaborative teaching and learning in the modern era.

Thanks to all those who attended our latest event. Please find the link to Cheryl's slides here:

Engaging your school community in the change process.

                                                                                (4th of June)

We live and work in a rapidly changing environment. As senior leaders of schools we are juggling priorities and working through many changes ourselves, as well as supporting staff in the change process. What time is left to support parents and whanau through the changes? How can we engage with community in ways that honour relationships, consider the future needs of learning and focus on learners as the heart of the matter?

In this provocative and practical presentation Cheryl will ask you to consider three questions:

  1. Who needs to change most - parents or teachers?
  2. How might we support parents and whanau through the change process?
  3. What if our community was our greatest cheerleading team?

Cheryl will explore strategies for success and for coping when change is not embraced! She will use examples from her experiences working with leadership and change in Christchurch and also draw on her international work as a leadership futurist.

Thanks to Lois Christmas for her informative talk to us on managing our complex staff relationships as leaders!
For those who are interested you can download her slides here.

A summary of her references from the presentation is included below!

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